About vermeiren princeps

Vermeiren Princeps bakes marvellous caramelised biscuits in the traditional way
The Flemish baker still does this according to the old method. The biscuits are baked like grandmother and grandfather used to bake them, but making use of innovative technological know-how. Hence the crispy caramelised biscuits have the authentic flavour of days gone by, but are now even more delicious and healthy. 

Our vision and values

For Vermeiren Princeps, quality always comes first. Automated techniques are used depending on the product, without harming the traditional qualities of the caramelised biscuits. 
In fact, Vermeiren Princeps has always been ahead of its time. The bakery after all has never ceased baking natural caramelised biscuits without preservatives, colouring and artificial flavourings. Today everyone wants a balanced and tasty diet. Some remain loyal to the traditional flavours. Others prefer healthy, organic or Fair Trade products. 
At Vermeiren Princeps, however, all types are equally tasty.