Vermeiren Princeps has two trump cards in its hand: an interesting price-quality ratio andflexibility with respect to production. The caramelised biscuits are available in diverse packaging. They are sold under the Vermeiren Princeps label or under a private label. 
They are also available in individual packaging for the hotel and catering sector. 
At Vermeiren Princeps you can always count on accurate and quick delivery.

Caramelised biscuits are not only appreciated in Belgium. We also export to France, 
the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany, the USA, Croatia, Taiwan, Japan, Lithuania, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland,... In recent years, investments have been made especially in more distant foreign markets such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Singapore,...

The company also participates in major international trade shows:
ISM: The international sweets and biscuits fair - Cologne
ANUGA: The largest international food and beverage fair in the world - Cologne
SIAL: The international food industry fair - Paris
SIRHA: The international hotel catering and food trade exhibition - Lyon
IFE: International Food and Drink Exhibition - London
GULFOOD: The Gulf Food, Hotel and Equipment Exhibition - Dubai
FOODEX: The specialised food and beverage exhibition for Asia - Tokyo

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